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Healthy Student Boundaries

Our focus is on safe student interactions with peers and adults.

Helping Keep Students Safe

When students feel safe and respected the whole school community thrives. Find resources to support healthy boundaries for your student.

Anti-Violence & Bullying Prevention

Child Abuse Prevention

Immediately report child abuse by calling 1-855-503-SAFE (7233).

A graphic of a student being verbally bullied

Internet Safety

Sexual Abuse & Harassment

A graphic of a student being harassed online

Additional Resources & Support

Student Safety

Have you or a friend experienced an unsafe relationship, harassment, or assault? School, local and national resources are here to help.

Student Safety & Survivor Resources 

Mental Health

Find resources to help you or someone you know find hope, get through this moment, build resiliency for later, connect to others, and learn how to support others. 

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Resources