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Elementary Health Curriculum Annual Notification

Elementary Health Curriculum Annual Notification

Each fall, Salem-Keizer Public Schools notifies families to address units of study in accordance with state law, that encompass age-appropriate, comprehensive sexuality education, HIV/AIDS and STD prevention that will be taught throughout the school year. This year, Parent Health Letters were sent out to all Salem-Keizer families on Friday, Oct. 20, 2023.

Annual Review of Materials

As a district, we want families to know that they have the opportunity to review our health instructional materials, The Great Body Shop and Fight! Child Abuse, and decide if they would like their children to participate in specific lessons addressed in their student’s grade-level instruction.

For student's in blended classrooms, families should check with their school to make sure they are reviewing the information at the right grade level for their student's class.

Legal parents or guardians may request that their child be excused and exempted, for the current school year from the designated school instruction and/or activities. An alternative assignment will be provided. If families would like to schedule a time to view student materials or need support with accessing the notification letter, please reach out to your child's school office for support.

2023 Elementary Health Lessons & Opt-Out Forms

Elementary units of study encompass Comprehensive Health, Substance Abuse, and Sexual Abuse Prevention. Each lesson complies with the Oregon Laws and Standards (OAR 581-022-1210, OAR 581-22-0413, OAR 581-022-1440, ORS 336.455, ORS 339.351 to 364, SB 856) and will be taught throughout the year.

The Great Body Shop and Fight! Child Abuse

Go to the Academics & Instructions web page, click on the Elementary School Instruction tab, and scroll down to The Great Body Shop and Fight! Child Abuse section.

Learn About Elementary Health Lessons  & Opt-Out Forms

View Materials in Person

The district will also be hosting in-person viewing opportunity of curriculum materials for all grade levels:


October 24 to 27  


Noon to 4 p.m.


Portland Professional Center, 4760 Portland Road NE, Salem


Reach out to Deborah Crueger by email.